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The Eight-Head Digital Printing Machine FD5198E Cannot Hide Its Strength At All!

03/28 2022

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, increased labor costs and changes in market demand, more and more printing companies have begun to transform into the digital printing industry. More and more digital printing is used in our daily life, such as: daily clothes, bed sheets, quilt covers, carpets, curtains, personalized accessories and so on. With the blessing of digital printing technology, our clothing styles are more diversified and personalized, the patterns and colors are more realistic, and the layers are richer, which also increases the interest and vividness of clothing. Therefore, digital printing technology has been widely used in recent years. developed rapidly.

5198 1200.png

With the rapid development of digital printing technology, there are more and more types of digital printing. Therefore, how to choose a suitable digital printing machine for enterprises has become a new problem. Today, Xiaobian recommends an eight-head digital printing machine FD5198E.

Recommended reason

  • FD5198E digital printing machine is a thermal transfer digital printing machine

Its working principle is to print the pattern in the computer on the thermal transfer paper by means of digital inkjet printing, and then transfer it to the corresponding product by thermal transfer. At present, it has been widely used in T-shirts, sweatshirts, couples clothes, and other personalized clothing.

The thermal transfer digital printing machine does not need cumbersome plate making process, and the cycle is shortened accordingly. An image can be directly transmitted to the printing device for printing only by computer processing, so there is no problem of inaccurate color matching, and the color matching can almost be done as you like. Its high efficiency and high color reproduction are unmatched by traditional printing.

Fedar FD5198E digital printing machine is equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1 printheads. Compared with the common double-head and three-head equipment in the market, the number of printheads has doubled, and the speed has also been improved qualitatively. The speed is as high as 370㎡/ h. A single nozzle has 3200 nozzles, in the same working area, the printing accuracy is high and the printing speed is fast. And its unique VSDT (Variable Ink Drop Technology) can freely control the size of the ejected ink droplets, thereby reducing the graininess of the picture, presenting more picture details, richer and fuller image color levels, and more exquisite printing effect.

  • Newly upgraded integrated design

FD5198E is an all-in-one digital printing machine that integrates the retractable base and the body. It reduces the steps of fixing the base of the retractable system in the middle, so that the retractable and the body are more closely connected, and the equipment runs more stably.

  • High-end quality accessories

Fedar FD5198E digital printing machine is equipped with high-end quality accessories to further improve the stability of the equipment. Such as: double THK15 ultra-quiet linear S-class guide rails imported from Japan, double damping rubber strip roller paper expanding devices, German imported igus drag chains, Japan imported NSK bearings…etc. Stability for long working hours.

  • Humanized Features

The design of Fedar FD5198E digital printing machine is more user-friendly, and the overall function is improved from the details to realize the equipment intelligence, automation and industrialization, the machine operation is more stable, and the printing quality is more beautiful. Such as the new reinforced beam + high-precision support, independent drying control panel, modular retractable system, independent drive servo motor, high-standard platform, beam calibration method, unique S-type suction printing platform, etc., make the equipment operation easier Convenient.



As an alternative to traditional printing, digital printing has been widely used in the printing of clothing, home textiles and other fabrics.

In addition to its excellent quality and strength, FD5198E has its incomparable advantages compared to other equipment of the same type and traditional printing equipment.

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