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How to Solve the Ink Blockage of Digital Printing Machine?

03/24 2022

Many people say that the newly bought digital printing machine often has a slight blockage of the nozzle, which causes the machine to be often unavailable and unable to produce after receiving an order. Adjustments or repairs may be easy for users familiar with the equipment, but can be particularly tricky for new operators.

So what is the reason for the clogging of the nozzle of the digital printing machine? What should I do if the nozzle of the digital printing machine is often blocked? Let’s take a brief look at it.

Causes of ink blockage in digital printing machine


  • Improper operation of digital printing machine

If the nozzle is not working, it will be exposed to the air for a long time, which will cause the ink to condense and block the nozzle holes. Therefore, the operation of the digital printing machine should be standardized, and a test strip must be printed before each startup to test the printing status of the nozzle. After the printing is completed, the nozzle should return to the ink stack in time.

  • Poor quality ink is used

The raw materials used in inferior inks are of poor quality, large particles, and many impurities, which can easily block the nozzle holes, resulting in broken lines and lack of color in the digital printing machine. Therefore, it is recommended that you must choose high-quality ink when purchasing ink. It is recommended to choose the original ink from the manufacturer, which has guaranteed quality and better compatibility with the equipment.

Digital printing machine ink blocking solution:


1. First of all, it is very important to deal with the slight clogging of the nozzle in a timely, decisive and thorough manner to keep the nozzle in good working condition during the long-term printing process. When the ink blockage of the print head of the printing machine is relatively light, the cleaning function that comes with the equipment is preferentially used for ink extraction cleaning.

2. If the nozzle is clogged seriously, you can remove the nozzle and put it in the cleaning solution for soaking and cleaning.

3. According to the actual situation, determine the cause of the ink blocking, and deal with it in a targeted manner.

Gradient ink breakage occurs during the printing process. This kind of ink breakage is caused by the ink sac and the print head. The reason may be that the ink sac is dirty and the print head is aging. At this time, the ink sac and print head need to be cleaned. replace.

If the ink suddenly breaks during the printing process, and the ink break is serious. For example: when printing a solid color base map (usually 5-10CM), it is very broken. This kind of ink break is mostly caused by ink, and high-quality ink needs to be replaced at this time.

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