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Personalized Application Of Digital Printing Machine In Garment Printing Industry

03/29 2022

With the new generation of consumers represented by the post-00s taking over the baton and becoming the main group contributing to new consumption, the era of personalized customization has come quietly. For the post-00s, they are more willing to boldly try various novel and creative products or services. They form a social circle guided by their interests, pursue the diversification of interests, like fresh and interesting content, and are good at creating their own unique content, which makes the personalized customization industry in the clothing industry more and more popular. 


The clothing customization industry mainly provides pattern customization services for group clothing, activity clothing, class clothing, parent-child clothing, couple clothing, personalized clothing, etc. The minimum order is for one piece, mainly for small batch customization orders of 1-200 pieces. With the booming development of personalized customization, unique printing has become a magic weapon for clothing brands to occupy more market share. Relying on the vigorous development of the e-commerce industry, the clothing customization industry is gradually becoming standardized and intelligent, and the market caliber is also increasing. constantly expanding. With the vigorous development of fast fashion at home and abroad, only by maximizing the flow and supply chain at the same time and tightening the production cycle can we seize the market!


The traditional printing technology has many printing processes, and the techniques and proficiency of the paint paste and ink scraping are relatively particular during operation. The quality of the color paste and the priority of the techniques will affect the final product effect. In addition to the cumbersome process, high labor cost and long construction period, the biggest problem of traditional printing is that it will pollute the environment, which is undoubtedly fatal to the modern society with increasingly high environmental protection requirements. The emergence of digital printing has brought a new dawn to the printing industry.

Digital printing has developed and matured rapidly in recent years. It is a high-tech product that integrates machinery, computer electronic information technology and is gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology has brought a new concept to the clothing customization industry, advanced production principles and methods, and brought an unprecedented development opportunity to the clothing customization industry.


The patterns made by the digital printing process have wide color gamut, bright colors, high precision, delicate images and soft hand feel. Its working principle makes the products break through the color registration restrictions of traditional production, and can make textile fabrics achieve high-grade printing effects. Especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradient and moiré, digital printing has unparalleled advantages. Pure machine operation has high production efficiency. The high-speed machine in digital printing can also meet the needs of mass production. need. Take the Fedar 15-head digital printing machine FD61915E as an example: it is equipped with 15 nozzles, not only the printing speed can reach 610 square meters in 1 hour, and the precision is controlled at 5 silks, and there is no need for plate making and sizing, and it can be printed immediately. , while saving labor, there is no need to worry about environmental pollution, and it can also meet the production needs of large digital printing factories.

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