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FD5328E (8 heads*3200mm)

Model: Fedar FD5328E Sublimaiton Printer

Max Printing Width: 32000mm

Printer Head: 8 Epson I3200-A1 Heads

Max Printing Resolution: 3200DPI

Max Printing Speed: 410 Sqm/h (Single Pass)

product overview



    FD5328E Digital Sublimation Printer

    Printing Size 3200mm
    Printhead  8 EPSON Original I3200-A1 Heads
    Max Resolution 3200DPI
    Ink Color 

    Double C M Y K

    Ink Type

    Water-Based Ink, Pigment Ink, Sublimation Ink

    RIP Software


    Interface Gigabit Port

    Print File Format

    BMP, TIF, JPG, PDF Etc.
    Heating System

    Extra Front Heating System

    Feeding Method

    Roll to Roll, Leaf

    Color Management ICC Based; Density & Curves Adjustable
    Power Supply

    50HZ/60HZ, 110~220V, 10A

    Package Size (L*W*H) 5196*1220*1855mm
    Working Size (L*W*H) 5320*1170*1900mm
    Gross Weight 400KGS
    Working Environment Temperature 20C-35C (68F-95F)
    Working Environment Humidity 35%-65%Rh
    Printing Speed
    1pass 410 Sqm/H
    2pass 210 Sqm/H


    • Print Head of Fedar FD5328e Printer

      Fedar FD5328E Sublimation Printer uses 8 Original Epson I3200-A1 Print Heads. Max Resolution: 3200DPI. Max Printing Speed: 420 Sqm/hr. The printing speed can be more than 420 Sqm/hr, it uses TFP thin film piezoelectric technology and 2.5PL variable dot ink drop function, accurately positioning the ink drop, the image color layer is richer and fuller, and the printing effect is more exquisite. 

    • Capping Station of Fedar FD5328E Printer

      Fedar FD5328E sublimation printer equipped with advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient. 

    • Printing Carriage of Fedar FD5328E Printer

      The height of the double-head nozzle independently developed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can flexibly respond to different thicknesses of printing materials. The anti-scratch-paper function on both sides of the small frame can reduce the damage of the nozzle caused by the paper tilting.

    • FD5328E Sublimation Printer High-precision Platform

      Fedar FD5328E sublimation printer printing platform is controlled within plus or minus 7.5 wires, which lays the foundation for high-precision and high-quality production. The overall honeycomb aluminum alloy platform is hard-oxidized on the surface and will not deform for a long time.

    • FD5328E Sublimation Printer Ink Tank

      Fedar FD5328E sublimation printer uses four super-large-capacity ink tank with independent and continuous ink supply. The powerful continuous supply ink supply system provides support for the improvement of production efficiency, avoiding the frequent shortage of ink in production and the heavy work caused by back and forth inspection.

    • Fedar Printer Ink Shortage Alarm System

      Fedar FD5328E Sublimation Printer use Fedar ink shortage system, reduces the tediousness of frequently checking the remaining ink, and promptly reminds to add ink to ensure the continuity of printing work.

    • Fedar FD5328E Printer use Stable Fedar Printing System

      Fedar FD5328E use Stable Fedar Printing System. The core components are made of high-quality industry accessories such as Japanese THK ultra-quiet linear guide rails, Japanese NSK bearings, German IGUS INK chain, LEADSHINE servo motor, etc. All of these ensure the accuracy of the machine and the stability of long-term work.

    • Fedar FD5328E Printer use Heavy Type Feeding and Taking-up Device

      Fedar FD5328E use Haevy Type Feeding and Taking-up device with tension sensor bar ,make the force even and make the paper more smooth. It's sample and convenient to take up printed media.

    • FeDAR fd5328e Printer Intelligent Dry System

      Dry System of Fedar FD5328E sublimation printer of synchronized with printing, energy saving and emission reduction, the temperature can be adjusted according to the actual situation during printing.

    • Industrial Design of Fedar FD5328E sublimation Printer

      Fedar FD5328E Sublimation Printer frame is welded with square steel, industrial grade design, the whole structure is strong and stable, which ensures that the equipment is stable and does not shake during the high-speed printing process.

    • Technical Parameters

      Model: Fedar FD5328E Sublimation Printer
      Printing Width: 3200mm
      Print Head: 8 Epson 3200 Heads
      Printing Speed: 1pass: 420 Sqm/Hr
      2pass: 210 Sqm/Hr
      Interface: Gigabit LAN
      Print Media: Transfer Paper
      Drying Method: Extra Dryer Device
      RIP Software: Maintop, Onyx, Photo Print
      Ink Supply Method : Bulk Ink Supply System
      Printing File Forms: TIFF, JPG, EPS, PDF, etc.
      Ink Type: Sublimation Ink, Water Based Dye Ink
      Media Transfer: Auto Tension Taking-Up Media Device


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