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The Eco Solvent Printer Used By 90% Of Advertisers——Skeycolor H1 Four Printheads Eco Solvent Printer

03/31 2022

Whether the eco solvent printer is good or not, the customer has the final say. Skeycolor H1eco solvent printer, the best-selling model in the market, is used by 90% of advertisers, and all who have used it say it is good.

Skeycolor H1 four-head high-end eco solvent printer is a high-end series in the Tiancai brand. It has fast speed, high precision and stable performance. It is favored by advertisers, especially large-scale processing and production enterprises, such as Sichuan Hongtu Golden Seal. 30 sets of Skeycolor H1 four-head machines are placed all over the workshop, neat and spectacular.


Skeycolor H1 eco solvent printer, why is it so popular, and where is it high-end?

High-end accessories

Skeycolor H1 is a high-end series in the Tiancai brand, and its accessories have always been of international imported quality, such as Japan’s THK silent guide rail, Lacey servo brushless integrated motor, German igus ink chain, Epson genuine print head, and American fluororubber platen roller Wait, all accessories are selected from big brands, and the quality and quality are guaranteed.

Skeycolor H1 has four Epson I3200 printheads, with a production speed of 80㎡/h, 24-hour uninterrupted output, and an easy daily output of nearly 2,000 square meters. Moreover, it can easily hold solid colors and gradient colors, achieve zero-defect printing quality, and enhance the market competitiveness of advertisers.

Skeycolor H1 eco solvent printer is continuously upgraded and optimized according to market needs and changes, leading the trend, such as adding waste ink/ink shortage alarm system, temperature and humidity monitoring module, voice interaction function, and ink pumping function, etc., which not only enhances the equipment The convenience of operation, and make the device more technological sense.


Seven advantages of Skeycolor H1:

  • Japan THK linear guide, no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, and prolong the service life of the machine.

  • Dual-servo Leisai brushless integrated motor, high-precision drive, linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable operation.

  • The intelligent alarm function of ink shortage and waste ink provides support for continuous high-speed and stable printing.

  • Intelligent drying system: segmented control, synchronized with printing, energy saving and emission reduction.

  • Compatible with a variety of printing software, such as Maintop, Photoprint, ONYX and other printing software, scientific operation support, more convenient to use.

  • Intelligent synchronous paper delivery system: synchronizing with printing, that is, stop immediately.

  • Industrial frame design, the printing platform adopts air-cooling quenching, aging treatment process, and the accuracy is controlled within 10 wires.

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