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What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Photo Machines?

04/06 2022

Advertisers all know that there are two main types of photo machines on the market today: indoor photo machines and outdoor photo machines.

So, what exactly is the difference between the two? Is there a big price difference? Are consumables such as print media and ink the same?


Indoor photo machine, the products can not stand the wind and the sun, easy to fade, suitable for indoor use. However, the printed pictures are detailed and clear, and the color saturation is high. For example, our common booths, exhibition halls, and subway interior advertisements are all printed by indoor photo machines.

Outdoor photo machine, the printed products can withstand wind and rain without fading, so it is suitable for use in advertising fields such as outdoor billboards, bus stickers, and real estate fences.


The ink used in the indoor photo machine is AQ ink, which is often referred to as water-based ink. The corresponding print head is often called water-based print head, such as the I3200-A1 print head carried by the Century Wind indoor machine.

The ink used in the outdoor photo machine is a weak solvent ink, and the corresponding print head is often called an oily print head, such as the I3200-E1 print head carried by the Century Wind outdoor machine.

The water-based inks used in indoor printers are not waterproof, while the inks used in outdoor printers usually have high light fastness and weather resistance: for example, the industry generally believes that light fastness is above level 7 and weather resistance is above level 5. , the printed pictures can be kept outdoors for a longer time.

Both print materials need to be coated in order to print.

The printing material of the indoor photo machine is not a waterproof coating, so it melts when it meets water.

PP film: exquisite glue, high precision, there is no self-adhesive surface on the back, and it is attached to the wall with double-sided tape.

Adhesive: The difference from PP film is that it has its own adhesive surface, and the customer tears the film and sticks it on the wall.

Photo paper: also commonly known as poster, exquisite photo paper, high precision, no self-contained glue).

Light box film: Exquisite inkjet printing in front of the light box, with the characteristics of exquisite image and moderate light transmittance.

Adhesive-laminated ordinary board: paste the adhesive on a KT board similar to a foam board, and add edge strips around it.

Outdoor light cloth: large-scale spray painting outdoors, this type of light is shot from the outside to the spray cloth.

Outdoor tulle: Used for more romantic and elegant display occasions, but this type can be used outdoors.

Mesh cloth: mesh inkjet material, a material used for the special expression of the guests to reflect the style.

Single-hole through: The material attached to the body glass, used together with the body sticker.

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