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The Working Principle Of Fedar FD61915E Digital Printing Machine

03/30 2022

The working principle of Fedar FD61915E digital printing machine is: by means of digital inkjet printing, the pattern in the computer is printed on the thermal transfer paper in high definition by computer processing, and then transferred to the corresponding product by thermal transfer. Since it does not need to draw or make a pattern (net), the delivery speed is very fast, there is no need to worry about the backlog of inventory, there is no limit on the order quantity, and 1 piece can also be printed, which is suitable for small batch personalized custom production at the same time, It can also meet the needs of large-scale high-quality production orders in large printing factorie 


Compared with the traditional pattern of printed fabrics, which follows the repetitive combination of units, Fedar FD61915E also breaks through the limitation of cyclic arrangement of unit patterns. The size of the repetitive units can also be freely determined, and the concept of fabric margins can be ignored within a certain range. This freedom of design enables designers to give full play to their ability to innovate, become more creative in the performance of pattern composition, and bring new creative breakthrough points to designers in the application of clothing fabrics. 


Through the change of pattern design and creation method, the visual field of pattern effect of clothing fabrics has been expanded, and special pattern effects rich in change have been produced, such as three-dimensional effect, motion effect, mixed effect, light effect, psychedelic effect, and tie-dye effect. , watercolor effects, texture effects, simulation effects, neon effects, etc. Digital printing has promoted the popularity of innovative effects of clothing fabric patterns, increasing the interest and vividness of clothing. In particular, the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and piece printing have opened up the diversity of the composition of clothing fabrics.

At the same time, the high precision of digital printing can realize the design and creation of photo images and exquisite details, which provides convenience for designers to carry out conceptual design and artistic creation, and enriches the function and meaning of decorative patterns in clothing.


In addition, because digital printing has the advantages of fast response speed and high printing quality, it shortens the production cycle of printed clothing, expands the performance effect of clothing fabrics, and makes clothing styles more diversified and personalized, thus meeting the needs of small batches of clothing fabrics. , high precision, green environmental protection, fashionable design requirements. These advantages and characteristics cater to the consumption concept of the new generation of post-00s, and are extremely popular in the entire printing market.

Driven by digital printing technology, the printing industry is expected to change from passive to active, establish new business models and operation platforms, and create new profit mechanisms and new business opportunities for the entire industry, so as to make the printing industry stand at the top of all industries and create the industry’s glory again. .

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