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Strongly Recommend Fedar 15 Head Digital Printing Machine

04/12 2022

As a traditional advantageous industry in China, the textile printing and dyeing industry has undergone tremendous changes with the continuous development of the times. The government’s strict requirements for environmental protection have increased the proportion of digital printing in the industry, and consumers’ expectations for high-quality and personalized products have made China’s digital printing market put forward higher requirements for the quality of printing solutions. “If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools.” If you want to produce good products, you must have good equipment for blessing. Here, the editor recommends a very useful printing equipment for everyone – the 15-head digital printing machine FD61915E launched by Fedar Textile Printing.


Recommended reason:

  • Productivity

For industry users, the biggest concern is productivity. Fedar FD61915E digital printing machine, with 15 Epson I3200-A1 print heads, print speed 610㎡/h. Compared with traditional printing, FedarFD61915E does not need plate making and sizing. One station replaces multiple stations, with small footprint and less consumption of manpower and material resources. From small batch customized production to large batch production, users can easily cope with it.

  • Print quality

Whether it is personalized customization or mass production, output quality has always been the key link affecting customer satisfaction. FedarFD61915E digital printing machine, equipped with Epson I3200-A1 nozzle, a single nozzle with 3200 nozzles, high printing accuracy and fast printing speed in the same working area. Its unique VSDT (Variable Droplet Technology) can freely control the size of the ejected ink droplets, effectively reducing the graininess and print streaks of the print output, and making the transition area smoother and more saturated, thereby achieving high quality printout.


  • Operability

In terms of ease of operation, traditional printing technology has many printing processes, and the techniques and proficiency of paint paste and ink scraping are relatively particular during operation. The quality of the color paste and the priority of the techniques will affect the final effect of the finished product. The Fedar spinning and printing FD61915E digital printing machine does not need plate making and sizing, and the whole process is controlled by computer. Its independent research and development of multi-column arrangement of nozzles, combined with the body to achieve high cost performance, can freely adjust the height of nozzles according to different printing consumables, widely used and easy to adjust.

In addition, FD61915E is also equipped with advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, which provides safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient.

  • Environmental aspects

In addition to the cumbersome process, high labor cost and long construction period of traditional printing technology, the biggest problem of traditional printing is that it will pollute the environment, which is undoubtedly fatal to the modern society with increasingly high environmental protection requirements. The working principle of FedarFD61915E digital printing machine is: by means of digital inkjet, the pattern in the computer is printed on the thermal transfer paper in high definition by computer processing, and then transferred to the corresponding product by thermal transfer. Because it does not need to draw manuscripts or make flower plates (nets), there is no need to worry about environmental pollution.

MOQ limitBecause traditional printing requires plate making, it is not cost-effective if the quantity is small, so the MOQ of traditional printing is generally relatively high. The Fedar FD61915E digital printing machine does not need to make a plate, and prints immediately, saving time and effort, and there is not much requirement for the MOQ. Therefore, the delivery speed is very fast, and there is no need to worry about the backlog of inventory. In addition, due to its fast production speed, it is suitable for small batches of customized production, and can also meet the needs of large-scale high-quality production orders in large printing factories.

As an alternative to traditional printing, digital printing has been widely used in the printing of clothing, home textiles and other fabrics.

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