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The First Choice -Skeycolor 4180 Eight-color Eco Solvent Printer

04/13 2022

Taking photos is a good way to record your life and status. For many people, they always want to take a few sets of photo photos in their best years for nostalgia.

写真照 800.png

For a photo photography shop that integrates photography and development, it is necessary not only to have powerful photography and PS technology, but also to have a printing device that prints high-definition photo quality.

The existing four-color Eco solvent printers on the market are mostly used for advertising, and the eight-color Eco solvent printer is more suitable for photo photography shops that require high picture fineness. Today, I would like to recommend a very easy-to-use and cost-effective double-headed eight-color Eco solvent printer – Skeycolor 4180 eight-color Eco solvent printer.

Skeycolor 4180 eight-color Eco solvent printer, Epson I3200 dual-nozzle configuration, one print head prints dark ink, one print head prints light ink, and the printing speed is 4pass 20㎡/h.

4180 800.png

4 dark + 4 light color matching (C M Y K LC LM LK LLK), wider color gamut, more realistic colors, more than 2000 colors can be output (by professional printing identification), theoretically, the color output can reach tens of millions.

Skeycolor 4180 eight-color Eco solvent printer, with the advantage of more than 4 colors, can achieve photo-level printing quality and achieve delicate and exquisite picture output. It is widely used in photography studios, interior decoration, artwork reproduction, etc., which requires high picture quality. field.

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