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How to Print a Beautiful and Elegant Skirt?

04/11 2022


The weather is getting warmer, and everyone’s clothes are becoming bright and lively. Quietly taking off the thick autumn and winter clothes, you can choose a variety of skirts to wear. This is undoubtedly beautiful for girls who love skirts. happy. So do you know how these spring-filled, beautiful and temperamental skirts are printed? 


In fact, there are many ways to print patterns on clothes: screen printing, thermal transfer printing, digital direct injection, etc. In general, different printing techniques and methods will have different effects. Today, the editor mainly introduces the way of thermal transfer:

The main principle of thermal transfer printing is to sublimate the ink on the paper to the fabric through high temperature and high pressure. Mainly used for polyester, nylon, blends and other synthetic fiber fabrics. Pure cotton fabrics are not suitable for sublimation, because pure cotton fabrics do not absorb ink. And the temperature is high during the heat transfer, and the temperature has a great influence on the cotton cloth surface, not only the color of the cloth surface, but also the shrinkage rate and so on.

The main advantages of thermal transfer printing:

It can print particularly fine patterns of contours. The patterns are colorful, realistic in shape and high in artistry, which is unmatched by general direct printing methods.

It is especially suitable for fabrics with large shrinkage and easy deformation: such as knitted fabrics or synthetic fiber textured silk fabrics.

There is no need for post-processing after transfer, and there is no problem of three wastes.

The equipment investment is low, the operation is simple and convenient, the genuine product rate is high, the production turnover is fast, and the requirements for fabric pretreatment are relatively low.

After the transfer paper is transferred once, 20-30% of the dye still remains, so it can be reused for the second and third transfer, but the more transferred, the lighter the color.

With the development of digital printing, thermal transfer printing is becoming more and more popular. The high-precision and high-quality printing characteristics of digital printing determine its high requirements for digital printing equipment. Fedar Textile Printing has launched a variety of digital printing equipment. Although the current market-leading equipment is still 8-head equipment, there are more and more 15-head equipment. One of the most popular is the FedarFD51915E digital printing machine.

It is equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 printheads, with high efficiency, low cost and high precision to create excellent printing quality, and high cost performance to meet the needs of fast printing and high-end customized design.


FD51915E Advantages and Features:

 No plate making is required, the production speed is fast, and the work and production cycle are shortened.

The high-precision adsorption-type platen paper roller is transported, which is more convenient for feeding and saves time and effort.

Not limited by color, bright and bright color, good color fastness, no hand feeling, good air permeability.

 One piece is printed, highlighting the advantages of small batches and multiple varieties.

Any pattern can be easily realized, the photo is printed with high precision, the pattern is realistic, and the personality is highlighted.

Equipped with professional color separation and color technicians to make customer-specified color card colors.

With its advanced printing technology, Fedar Textile Printing not only meets the high-quality production needs of the Chinese market, but also meets the control of printing production costs by more small and medium-sized enterprises, bringing more printing splendor to the digital printing industry.

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