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High-speed Printing Solution: Fedar FD51915E Dye Sublimation Printer

04/07 2022

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing simplifies the cumbersome process of traditional printing, and the whole process is controlled by computer, without the need for screen making and sizing, printing and printing without environmental pollution; high degree of process automation, colorful and vivid colors, and fine printing. High; suitable for small batch, multi-variety, and personalized production; among them, the digital printing equipment favored by many printing and dyeing manufacturers is the 15-head digital printing machine FD51915E produced by Fedar Textile Printing.


Fedar 1.9m digital printing machine FD51915E, 15 Epson I3200-A1 nozzles, printing speed of more than 300 meters in 1 hour, printing accuracy within 5 silks, and realistic printing effect, which has been unanimously accepted by many digital printing factories. Good reviews. It is not only equipped with various high-end configuration functions that can reduce downtime, but also equipped with various printing modes, and the speed can reach 610㎡/h in standard production mode. While ensuring stable production, it also takes into account the quality and speed of printing. The equipped Epson I3200-A1 printhead also greatly reduces the burnout rate of the printhead and prolongs the service life of the printhead.

FD51915E Advantages and Features:

With the Epson I3200-A1 print head, the printing accuracy is high and the effect is good!

Labor saving: one person can watch multiple machines, and the complicated processes such as net drawing, plate making, printing plate, pulp mixing, board running, cloth spreading, and cloth closing are omitted.


Simple operation: you only need to know a little about the computer to operate, and you don’t need to be restricted by professional printers.

One-piece printing: One-piece can also be printed, suitable for small batch net orders and personalized customization.

Bright colors: The color saturation is high, the solid color is pure enough, and the pattern is delicate and realistic.

Wide range of applications: printing factories, clothing factories, personalized customization, net single sales and other craft factories can be used, the products can be used in clothes, pants, hats, bags, home textiles and other fields, with strong adaptability.

Environmental protection: The production process is waterless, odorless, smokeless and dust-free, pollution-free and environmentally friendly, and meets the national environmental protection requirements.

The patterns printed by the digital printing process have a wide color gamut, bright colors, high saturation and precision, and the images are more realistic and delicate. Its working principle makes it break the color registration limitation of traditional production, and can make textile fabrics achieve high-grade printing effect. It also breaks through the color registration restrictions of traditional textile printing and dyeing patterns, especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradients and moiré patterns, digital printing has unparalleled technical advantages, pure machine operation, production efficiency Higher, suitable for mass production.


In addition to covering 3-head machines, 4-head machines, 8-head machines, 15-head machines, etc., Fedar Textile Printing also has many models with special widths, such as 2.2 meters, 2.6 meters, 3.2 meters, 4.2 meters and other ultra-long The wide range of digital printing equipment, with a complete range of models, can provide users with a comprehensive and complete printing solution. Users can choose the most suitable digital printing equipment according to their own needs.

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