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How to Maintain Our Printers

07/12 2022
When a digital printing machine is purchased, it is not a simple matter of connecting the power supply and starting to use it. As a printing machine, daily maintenance of digital printing machine is also very important. Effective maintenance techniques can prolong its service life and bring more economic benefits to manufacturers. Today, I will share with you some maintenance tips for digital printing machines.

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Maintenance skills of digital printing machine
Grating: Observe whether the grating has dust stains, etc. It is recommended not to clean the inconspicuous dust and stains. If you need to clean it, it is recommended to wipe it with a white cloth dipped in alcohol. The cleanliness and position of the grating will affect the movement of the carriage and the printing effect.
Filter: The filter is regularly checked for blockage, cleaned and replaced in time, and the filter in front of the nozzle must be replaced.
Ink stack cap: keep it clean at all times, because the ink stack cap is an accessory that directly touches the print head.
Scraper: The cleaning mechanism is kept clean, and the scraper is kept clean and free from damage, so as to avoid affecting the ink scraping effect.
Ink cartridges and ink tanks: The ink cartridges and waste ink tanks are regularly cleaned. After long-term use, the ink remaining at the bottom of the ink cartridges and waste ink tanks may agglomerate, resulting in poor ink flow. The ink cartridges and waste ink tanks need to be cleaned regularly.
Voltage stabilizer: It is recommended that each machine be equipped with a voltage stabilizer (only for printers, except for drying), which should not be lower than 3000W.
Ink: Make sure the ink cartridge is full of ink to avoid emptying the print head, causing damage and blockage of the print head.
Printing platform: keep the printing platform free of foreign objects to avoid scratches and damage to the print head.
Printhead: Regularly check whether there is debris accumulation on and around the nozzle mirror, move the trolley to the cleaning position, and use a cotton swab dipped in cleaning solution to clean the ink residue around the nozzle, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.
Ink Damper: If the machine is used for a long time, check whether the ink sac is loose.
Transmission parts: apply grease to the transmission parts, and regularly add lubricating grease to the gear occlusion position, such as: the air shaft gear for retracting and discharging materials, the guide rail slider, and the ink stack lifting mechanism. (It is recommended to add an appropriate amount of lubricating grease to the long belt of the horizontal trolley motor, which can effectively reduce the noise.)
Circuit Check: Check the power cord and socket for aging.
Dryer: Regularly check whether the power supply of the dryer is aging and whether the internal lamp is damaged.
Air pump: Check whether the air pressure of the air pump is normal.
Working environment requirements: There is no dust in the room to avoid the impact of dust on the layers of printing materials and ink consumables.
The machine should be placed in a flat position, otherwise it will deviate when printing long pictures.
When feeding, it must be leveled, otherwise the printed long screen will deviate.
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