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15 Head Fedar FD51915E Digital Textile Printer

07/14 2022
With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in the country, digital printing is more and more respected by people. It is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, convenient and fast, and is considered to be the main way out for the printing and dyeing industry. The purchase of digital printing machines is particularly important. The following editor will recommend a 15-head model that will explode in 2022, FEDAR FD51915E.

texitle printer /tshirt printer /sublimation printer

1. The printing speed can reach 610㎡/h, 1 set at most.
2. Equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 nozzles, the printing quality is fine, realistic and color reproduction is higher.

texitle printer /tshirt printer /sublimation printer

3. There is no need for complex processes such as plate making, printing, and repeated color registration. It only needs the operator to handle it with a computer, and the operation is simple and convenient.
4. Fedar digital printing machine supports thin paper printing, allowing manufacturers to save costs and improve work efficiency.
5. Optional 10,000-meter retractable base, flexible typesetting, maximize the use of paper area, reduce waste of resources and save the cost of consumables.
6. The whole process of Fedar digital printing machine is controlled by computer, which reduces the intermediate links such as net making and pulp mixing, which is equivalent to reducing the number of workers and saving labor costs.

texitle printer /tshirt printer /sublimation printer

7. Expandable 6-color printing, improve color reproduction, rich color expression, smoother color transition, more natural gradient color and transition color performance.
8. The whole process is controlled by computer, no need to describe, and no need to make a pattern (net), no MOQ limit, and no need to worry about environmental pollution.
9.There is no color registration restriction, it can flexibly create color combinations, change colors quickly, and be more creative in the expression of pattern composition.
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