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How to Maintain Digital Printing Machine?

05/04 2022

As a printing machine, daily maintenance of digital printing machine is very important. Effective maintenance skills can prolong its service life and bring more economic benefits to manufacturers. Today will share with you some digital printing machine maintenance skills.


 Maintenance of sprinkler head:

  • Check the nozzle state before printing: print and check the nozzle state diagram to confirm that the nozzle effect is in the best state. If not, it is necessary to perform cleaning operations to make the nozzle state achieve the best effect.

  • Check the nozzle status after printing: Print the nozzle status diagram to check the nozzle effect to ensure that it is in the best state. If not, clean the nozzle.

  • After the power off, check whether the sprinkler head is returned to the head to prevent the sprinkler head from leaking naked for a long time, which may cause the sprinkler head damage.

  • Do not install or remove the digital printing circuit without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply.

  • In the replacement of sprinkler head and fine tuning should pay attention to the strength of the hand, do not use brute force to pull.

  • Clean the nozzle regularly (check the nozzle mirror and surrounding whether there is debris accumulation and cleaning, can move the car to the cleaning position, with cotton swab cleaning liquid cleaning around the nozzle residual ink, so as not to affect the cleaning effect).

  • It is necessary to replace the new ink sac regularly. Under normal circumstances, the feidie digital printing machine is replaced once every 3 months (note: according to the different ink concentration and formula, it is suggested that the replacement cycle will be correspondingly different. If the ink with high viscosity and strong corrosion is used, the replacement cycle will be correspondingly shortened).

  • Do not mix two different inks during printing.

  • After removing the sprinkler head, clean it and put it in a special box to avoid dust and dirty pollution.

  • Do not use poor quality medium, if the medium is too bad easy to hit the nozzle.

  • Make a test strip before finishing each work, and ensure that all nozzles are ink-spraying properly.

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