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How to Keep a Clean Environment for Sublimation Printer?

05/06 2022
  • Keep a clean environment

1. The room should be dustproof. Do not place it in an environment prone to smoke and dust, and keep the ground clean.

2. Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment. In general, the temperature is 25-30 degrees and the humidity is 40%-60%.

3. Keep the surface of the machine empty and do not place any objects, especially liquids.

4. There should be no common household appliances near the machine, and it should be far away from large magnetic field and electric field


  • Machine parts maintenance and maintenance

1. Regular maintenance and repair of some important parts, wear and replacement, timely maintenance of failure.

2. Develop a good habit of checking daily, pay attention to observe the printing effect when printing, and solve problems in time.

3. Grease is applied to the transmission part, and lubricating grease is regularly added to the gear occluding position, such as: pneumatic shaft gear of retracting and retracting materials, guide slider, ink stack lifting mechanism. (It is recommended to add proper amount of lubricating grease to the belt of the transverse trolley operator, which can effectively reduce noise).

The above is the shared maintenance strategy of digital printing machine, I hope you can pay attention to these maintenance work, so that digital printing machine can bring you greater benefits!

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