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What’s So Good about the F1 Eco Solvent Printer?

04/27 2022

 Since its launch two years ago, F1 eco solvent Printer has been well received by advertisers. In order to bring a more comfortable printing experience to Century Wind users, we will upgrade the F1 at the end of 2021.

 Comparison before and after the F1 upgrade:

f1 对比.png

The upgraded F1 eco solvent Printer has great changes in appearance and configuration. In addition to continuing the consistent “high-speed output” advantage, many humanized and intelligent functions have been added:

For example, the temperature and humidity display module can display the working environment in real time without relying on the temperature and humidity meter all the time;

For example, the pinch roller can be adjusted in 3 steps, which can adapt to more printing media of different thicknesses, making its application field wider;


For example, the standard intelligent drying system of the new F1 supports segmented drying. Users can set drying parameters as needed according to the width of the printing material and the indoor environment, which can quickly dry the screen and save electricity.

It’s the peak season of buying equipment in spring, and all advertisers are gearing up for a big fight. Fengying F1 definitely lives up to expectations and is worth having!

A good machine is not afraid of comparison! Compared with the four-headed machines on the market, the F1’s detail score is full.

In 2022, the Century Wind team will also launch an artificial intelligence eco solvent Printer. At that time, users can control the photo machine to print pictures and other functions through voice, and truly realize “smart” printing and “smart sharing” of colors! Stay tuned!

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