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Fedar Recomend: 15 Heads Digital Sublimation Printer

05/16 2022

As a traditional advantageous industry in China, the textile printing and dyeing industry has undergone tremendous changes with the continuous development of the times: the government’s strict requirements for environmental protection have continuously increased the proportion of digital printing in the industry, while consumers are more interested in high-quality and personalized products. Expectation makes China’s digital printing market put forward higher requirements for the quality of printing solutions.

15 head digital printing machine:

FD51915E digital printing machine: The printing speed can print more than 300 meters in 1 hour, which can meet the needs of fast printing and mass production. It has high stability and greatly improves the added value of printing products.


FD61915E digital printing machine: The printing speed is 610㎡/h, which can meet the needs of general mass production users. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, low emission and extremely high cost performance.


Fedar, as a senior digital printing equipment manufacturer, has always been committed to using its own technological advantages to develop and produce practical printing solutions that meet these needs. In order to meet the printing needs of customers with different scales and different widths, Digital Sublimation Printer has launched digital printing machines with different speeds and different printing widths, mainly 8 heads and 15 heads, with widths of 1.9 meters, 2.2 meters and 2.6 meters. , 3.2 meters and 4.2 meters. Let’s take a look at these digital printing machines together.

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