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Focus On High-Speed Printing – Fedar Fd51915E Digital Printing Machine

03/01 2022

With the development of the printing and dyeing industry, the digital printing machines on the market have been rapidly upgraded, from the early single-head/double-head printing machines to today’s 6-head/8-head, and even 12-head/15-head machines, and the market has become more and more The larger the number of orders, the more and more orders, the purchase of digital printing machines is particularly important.


Judging from the current mainstream printing machines in the market, 6-head digital printing machines and 8-head digital printing machines are still the mainstream, but major manufacturers are actively launching digital printing machines with better performance and faster speed, in order to seize the printing market. Prepare. Today, I want to recommend this  FD51915E digital printing machine, which not only has the advantages of high printing accuracy, no need for plate making, flexible batch, green environmental protection, high image quality reduction, simple operation, etc. The factory’s favorite.



 FD51915E has a strong presence in major printing exhibitions, attracting the attention and consultation of many printing people.  

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