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Fedar Recommend : 8 Head Digital Sublimation Printer

05/17 2022


FD6198E digital printing machine: The newly upgraded print head dislocation arrangement can improve the printing quality by at least 20%. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high stability. In addition, it also has high cost performance and is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized production enterprises.


FD5228E digital printing machine: The effective width is 2.2 meters, which meets the needs of general small and medium-sized digital printing production enterprises. It has the characteristics of no pollution, labor saving, and easy operation.


Fedar Textile Printing, as a senior digital printing equipment manufacturer, has been committed to using its own technological advantages to develop and produce practical printing solutions to meet these needs. In order to meet the printing needs of customers of different scales and different widths, Fedar Textile Printing has launched digital printing machines with different speeds and different printing widths, mainly 8 heads and 15 heads, with widths of 1.9 meters, 2.2 meters and 2.6 meters. , 3.2 meters and 4.2 meters.

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