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FD51915E Digital Dye Sublimation Printer

07/21 2022
The upgrade iteration of digital printing equipment is relatively fast. Taking thermal transfer digital printing machines as an example, many models are eliminated not because the products cannot be used, but because the speed is too slow to meet the needs of capacity expansion, and low-speed machines have production costs. High (paper and ink), color difference between machines, frequent loading and unloading of paper, etc.
Combining with the overall market situation, Fedar has launched an ultra-high-speed digital dye sublimation printing machine FD51915E, which adopts an industrial steel mainframe, the left and right high-strength quenching process base, mainframe and wall thickness are not less than 10mm, double THK linear ultra-quiet guide rail S grade, The ultra-wide printing platform and the optional 10,000-meter source paper base can realize direct printing of source paper with a diameter of <90CM, which has been widely recognized by customers.

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1. Fast
15 Epson I3200-A1 printheads, staggered, the maximum printing speed can reach 610㎡/h.
2. High precision
Epson I3200-A1 nozzle, a single nozzle with 3200 nozzles, high printing accuracy and fast printing speed in the same working area. Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Droplet Technology) can freely control the size of the ejected ink droplets, thereby reducing the graininess of the picture, showing more picture details, smooth color transition and higher saturation.
3. Cost saving

The ultra-high-speed digital printing machine FD51915E is a thermal transfer digital printing machine. The use of dyes is “distributed on demand” by the computer, there is no waste of dyes and chemicals, and the amount of waste water is greatly reduced.

Although the ink cost is higher, the on-demand supply makes the ink utilization rate higher, and the output value per unit ink volume is larger; the lower waste water volume also reduces the difficulty and cost of sewage discharge.
The ultra-high-speed digital textile printer FD51915E has low labor and site costs, and requires only a small space for production. Traditional printing may require 3-4 people to be responsible for the task. Digital printing can be completed by 1 person, and the current manufacturing industry is upgraded. In the era of high labor costs, digital printing will undoubtedly be more suitable for the industrialization process of the manufacturing industry.
4. No pollution, 0 inventory
Ultra-high-speed digital printing machine FD51915E, no need for sketching, no need to make patterns (nets), so you don’t have to worry about environmental pollution, and you don’t have to worry about inventory backlog. There is no MOQ limit, and 1 piece can be printed, suitable for small batch personalization At the same time of customized production, it can also meet the needs of large-scale high-quality production orders in large printing factories.
5. Make the color pattern more personalized and diverse
Compared with the traditional pattern of printed fabrics, which follows the repetitive combination of units, digital printing breaks through the limitation of the cyclic arrangement of unit patterns. The size of the repetitive units can also be freely determined, and the concept of fabric margins can be ignored within a certain range. This freedom of design enables designers to give full play to their innovative ability, be more creative in the expression of pattern composition, and bring new creative breakthrough points to designers in fabric application. In particular, the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and piece printing have opened up the diversity of fabric composition methods.
6. Cater to market trends
Digital printing has become the future trend of the industry due to its advantages in environmental protection, craftsmanship and technology, and the transformation of traditional processes has become inevitable. As long as the layout of digital printing in the industry is reasonably utilized, the cost of digital printing will no longer be a problem of life and death for enterprises.
At the current stage, the use of time-saving digital printing machines for proofing or small-scale production, and then with traditional printing machines for mass production, will become a combination of production modes in the textile printing industry for a long time to come. Not only can we make full use of digital printing technology to quickly produce proofing patterns in small batches, but also traditional printing technology can be used to make up for the shortcomings of current digital printing technology, and the cost problem will also be effectively controlled.
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