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Operate Your Digital Printer In This Way, The More You Use The More Worry-free

07/25 2022
As an advanced printing equipment, the daily maintenance of digital printing machine is very important. Effective maintenance techniques can prolong its service life and bring more economic benefits to manufacturers. Today, I will share with you some daily operation and maintenance skills of digital printing machines.
Ink Stack Cap: Keep it clean at all times. Because the ink stack cap is an accessory that directly touches the print head.
Scraper: Keep it clean at all times. Because the scraper is an accessory that directly contacts the nozzle.
Grease is required for places where the ink stack base moves frequently, such as the four columns and slideways.
Check before starting:
Air pressure check: Check that the air pressure of the air pump is normal.
Printing platform inspection: The printing platform should be kept free of foreign objects to avoid scratches and damage to the print head.
Waste ink tank inspection: Check the liquid level of the waste ink tank to prevent the waste ink tank from overflowing and flowing out during cleaning.
Ink check: Ensure that the ink cartridges are full of ink to avoid emptying the print head, causing damage and blockage of the print head.
Scraper inspection: The cleaning mechanism is kept clean, and the scraper is kept clean and free from damage to avoid affecting the ink scraping effect.
Nozzle status check before printing: Print and check the nozzle status diagram to confirm that the nozzle effect is in the best state. If not, you need to perform a cleaning operation to make the nozzle state achieve the best effect.
Print head status check before shutdown: print and check the print head status diagram to confirm that the print head effect is in the best state, if not, you need to perform cleaning operations.
Dryer inspection: Regularly check whether the power supply of the dryer is aging and whether the internal lamp is damaged.
Ink path inspection: Check whether the ink tubes at the ink cartridge and the ink sac are damaged, and replace them in time.
Grating cleaning: Observe whether the grating has dust stains, etc. It is recommended not to clean the inconspicuous dust and stains. If cleaning is required, it is recommended to wipe it with a white cloth dipped in alcohol. The cleanliness and position changes of the grating will affect the movement of the trolley and the printing effect.
Guide rail inspection: Check whether the guide rail and slider are running abnormally.
Nozzle maintenance:

Be sure to cut off the power when disassembling and assembling the print head: Install and disassemble the circuit of the digital printer at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior can impair the service life of individual systems, especially the sprinkler heads.

Do not leave the cleaning solution in the print head for a long time: soaking the print head with the cleaning solution for a long time can remove stains more effectively, but if the soaking time exceeds 48 hours, it may cause corrosion to the nozzle holes of the print head.
To replace the ink, clean the print head: even if it is the same ink, inks produced by different manufacturers contain different components. If the ink is directly replaced without cleaning, it may generate more particles and block the print head, so be sure to change the ink before changing the ink. To clean the nozzle.
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