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Precautions for Switching on and off of Fedar Sublimation Printer

05/24 2022

Check whether the relevant data is normal before starting the Fedar sublimation printer every day.


1. Air pressure check: Check that the air pressure of the air pump is normal.

2. Inspection of the printing platform: The Fedar sublimation printing platform should be kept free of foreign objects to avoid scratches and damage to the print head.

3. Check the waste ink bucket: check the liquid level of the waste ink bucket to prevent the waste ink bucket from overflowing and flowing out during cleaning.

4. Ink inspection: ensure that the ink cartridges are full of ink to avoid emptying the print head, causing damage and blockage of the print head.

5. Scraper inspection: the cleaning mechanism should be kept clean, and the scraper should be kept clean and free from damage to avoid affecting the ink scraping effect.


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