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How to Maintain the Sublimation Textile Printer Print Head ?

12/05 2023

As an indispensable core component of a digital sublimation textile printer, the print head is directly related to the printing quality and effect, so daily maintenance work is very important. Here are some tips for caring for your sprinklers:

1. Do not install or disassemble the electronic components of the digital sublimation textile printer at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. Otherwise, the service life of each system will be damaged and the print head will be harmed.

2. When replacing or fine-tuning the print head during use, do not use brute force. Replace or fine-tune the print head according to the specifications in the instrument manual.

3. Do not mix two different inks during use. Different inks have different raw materials. Mixing two different inks may cause chemical reactions, which will directly affect the printing effect and even cause print head clogging.

4. Do not remove the print head from the digital sublimation textile printer and leave it exposed, especially in dusty places. Because the water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate, drying the ink may cause permanent blockage. The permanent blockage will be irreparable. Therefore, when the print head is clogged, it must be cleaned and repaired in time.

5. The print head cleaning fluid is corrosive to a certain extent, so it is recommended to take an appropriate amount for cleaning each time.

Precautions for print head cleaning

1. When cleaning, you can put a thin rubber tube on the front end of the medical syringe and fill it with strictly filtered cleaning fluid for flushing. Use a magnifying glass to carefully observe the print head holes when flushing. If there is accumulated residue next to the print head holes, use soft glue to remove it. Integrated printing print head s that have been left unused for a long tim

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