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High-definition Picture Quality: Skeycolor 4180TS Eight-color Eco Solvent Printer

05/26 2022

If you want to dig deep into the fields of photography, photo, decorative painting, etc., you must read this article.

4180 Ts 1200.png

At present, the most commonly used eco solvent printers on the market are mostly four-color printing, which are widely used in advertising, signage, decorative packaging, etc. The one I want to introduce today is Skeycolor 4180TS eight-color eco solvent printer, eight-color printing, the output effect is more exquisite and delicate, it is perfectly suitable for wedding photos, decorative paintings and other fields that require high picture quality.

Skeycolor 4180TS eight-color eco solvent printer adopts Epson I3200 dual-nozzle configuration, one nozzle prints dark ink, the other prints light ink, and the printing speed is 4pass 20㎡/h. 4 dark + 4 light color matching (C M Y K LC LM LK LLK), wider color gamut and more realistic colors. Especially the addition of light black makes the printing grayscale softer and solves the problem of chromatic aberration.


Eight-color printing shows richer colors, stronger layering, and wide color gamut, making the picture vivid and lifelike. After professional printing identification, it can output more than 2,000 colors. To put it bluntly, it can print any color that can be discerned by the naked eye, realizing the true “what you see is what you get”.

In order to ensure the stability and excellence of Skeycolor 4180TS eight-color printing machine for a long time, in terms of accessories, Skeycolor has maintained a consistent selection of the best, and imported + high-end accessories are the standard.

Equipped with 2 Epson I3200 nozzles, the variable ink droplet technology precisely controls the size of the ink droplets, and the color reproduction rate reaches more than 98%, and the effect is rolling over all four-color and six-color imported machines.

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