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Fedar 15-head Digital Sublimation Pinter FD61915E

05/31 2022

Today, I recommend a must-have equipment for the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing manufacturers: Fedar 15-head digital sublimation printer FD61915E.

FD61915E Advantages and Features:

61915e 1200.png

Using Epson I3200-A1 print head: TFP thin film piezoelectric technology + variable ink droplet function, accurate positioning of ink droplets, richer and fuller image color levels, and more beautiful printing effect.

There is no restriction on pattern registration: the size of the repeating unit can also be determined freely, and the concept of fabric edge can be ignored within a certain range.

 Therefore, you can carry out various designs according to your own preferences. This freedom of design enables designers to give full play to their innovation ability, be more creative in the performance of pattern composition, and bring new ideas to designers in the application of fabrics. point. Through the change of pattern design and creation method, the visual field of fabric pattern effect has been expanded, and special pattern effects rich in change have been produced, such as three-dimensional effect, motion effect, mixed effect, light effect, psychedelic effect, tie-dye effect, Watercolor effects, texture effects, simulation effects, neon effects, etc.

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Cost saving: Digital printing dyes are ink-on-demand, which reduces chemical waste and waste water discharge; low noise when ink-jetting is quiet and clean, no environmental pollution, and a green production process. The digital printing process simplifies the tedious process, cancels the complicated mesh making and color matching process of traditional printing, and greatly reduces the cost of receiving orders and proofing.

Fedar Printer focuses on DTF Printer, Sublimation Printer and Textile Printer ( more than 15 years. Fedar is a Professional Manufacture of Printers in China.

At present, Fedar products have been sold to all over the world, including U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Peru, Australia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan and other more than 30 countries. 


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