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FEDAR FD5198E: The Most Cost-effective 8 Head Dye Sublimation Printer

11/10 2021

Now the digital textile printing market is developing rapidly, for fulfill the demand of high speed heat transfer sublimation printing, FEDAR printer, the leading dye sublimation printer manufacturer, designed the most effective 8 head digital sublimation printer FD5198E.

1. FEDAR FD5198E is equipped with 8 original Epson I3200-A1 heads, this head has 400*8 total 3200 nozzles, with the technology of Epson head VSDT (variable sized dot technology) and 2.5PL ink drop, the color is more vivid and richer.

2. MAX speed 370 sqm/h, compared with the 4 head printer, this FD5198E has double speed, and the digital sublimation printer will not take a lot of room, if you want to replace your 2 3 or 4 head printer with a higher speed digital dye sublimation printer, this FD5198E will be the best choice to promote your printing output quantity.

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3. 1000m paper feeding and taking up device will make the long time and continuous printing available, It saves the operation of frequent paper loading, saves manpower and time. The unique swing lever and tension shafts avoid paper wrinkle.

4. We adopts dual Japan imported THK guide rails, German IGUS ink chain, USA pinch roller rubber, and Chinese famous brand Leadshine servo and step motors to guarantee the high quality  and speed printing.

If you want to increase the inkjet sublimation printing speed to a higher level, this FEDAR FD6198E will be a good choice. Feel free to leave us an message if you are interested in it.

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