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Crystal Porcelain Painting Meets Eight-Color Machine, Making Printing More “Crystal” Color!

03/14 2022


Crystal porcelain painting, with its crystal-like crystal clear effect, has amazed the public and has risen rapidly, becoming a popular style in recent years.

Crystal porcelain painting uses a new hot-melting process technology and special equipment to heat-melt the photos into the crystal material through a simple process, so that the painting and the crystal material are integrated, and then tightly combined with the MDF. Whether you look at it from a distance or a close-up view, it can perfectly present high-definition picture quality, and the picture is vivid and lifelike.


The advantages of crystal porcelain painting

1. Beautiful picture

The images of crystal porcelain paintings are clear and vivid, the colors are bright, and the impact of the pictures is very strong, which has the ultimate visual enjoyment. Its surface has a crystal clear three-dimensional effect, and its expression is novel, and it is more classy and noble.

2. Durable preservation

The crystal porcelain painting picture is completely isolated from the air, preventing oxidation, permanent fidelity, non-fading, water-proof and moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and UV-resistant. Therefore, under normal circumstances, a crystal porcelain painting can generally be guaranteed not to change color for several decades.

4180 800.png

3. Easy to clean

The picture of the crystal porcelain painting is smooth, even if it is dirty, just sweep it with a feather duster or gently wipe it with a damp towel. It is simple and convenient, and there is no need to worry about causing damage to the picture.

4, can be set with diamonds

After the crystal porcelain painting is inlaid with diamonds, the three-dimensional effect is enhanced, whether it is visual or tactile, it is more shocking. Some manufacturers also refer to diamond-encrusted crystal ceramic paintings as diamond crystal crystal ceramic paintings and three-dimensional crystal ceramic paintings. Because diamond-encrusted crystal porcelain painting is an extension of the general crystal porcelain painting process, its price will also be higher.

Crystal porcelain paintings are widely used in wedding photo studios, photo studios, and high-end decorations in all walks of life.

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