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A Digital Sublimation Textile Printer Focusing on Efficiency—FD61916E

05/16 2024

The 16-head digital sublimation textile printer introduced today can use the same color adjustment as the FD6198E-A. In other words, one color adjustment solution can be used for both machines, which can be said to be very user-friendly.

FD61916E is equipped with a total of 16 Epson I3200-A1 heads and can output a printing screen of 670 square meters per hour.

The nozzle arrangement adopts a 2*8 design. The 1pass printing mode covers a wider range of pattern types and the image quality is more delicate

The minimum weight of the paper printed by the machine is 29 grams. It is equipped with a 10,000-meter paper base and a large-capacity continuous ink supply system, which greatly improves the efficiency!

Fedar FD61916E mainly responds to large-volume orders quickly and further improves production efficiency while ensuring quality. No matter in terms of color or precision, its performance capabilities are not inferior, and it can respond to market demand efficiently. It is already a leader in the ranks of high-speed industrial digital printing machines.

16 head textile printer

The following is an introduction to its functions:

1. Using the newly upgraded THK2.0 guide rail, the beam accuracy is within 0.03mm, and equipped with imported accessories such as Japanese NSK bearings, high-quality ink chains, and Lesai servo brushless integrated motors to make the car run more stable.

2. The ink carriage adopts the industry’s most advanced magnetic levitation linear motor transmission method. The positioning of the ink carriage during movement is more precise, printing is smoother, and the quality is more stable.

3. Add a constant tension paper retracting and unwinding lever, and cooperate with the 10,000-meter servo motor retracting and unwinding system to make the paper rewinding smooth and tight, helping enterprises to produce large-scale production.

4. Professional digital printing machine board control system + Gigabit network data transmission port: easily meet the requirements of digital printing high-definition picture output stability and transmission speed.

5. The diamond-shaped duct-type suction printing panel prevents the paper from bulging during the printing process, ensuring higher printing accuracy

6. The newly upgraded industrial-grade ink circuit design reduces the number of ink tubes in the 16-head configuration, further reducing the risk of ink leakage and making maintenance more convenient; the 15L large-capacity ink supply system is equipped with an ink shortage alarm function to help users easily achieve long-term production operations .

7. The car movement adopts a visual design, which is convenient for real-time observation of the nozzle status. It has high appearance and strong practicality.

8. Anti-collision carriage: The height of the head can be freely adjusted according to different printing consumables. It is widely used and easy to adjust. Anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the nozzle.

9. The fluorine rubber paper pressure wheel imported from the United States: prevents static electricity and prevents ink from flying, and the printing size is more accurate; the unique paper pressure wheel independent lifting device can deal with the phenomenon of local paper bulging during the printing process at any time.

10. Adopt an air-expanding shaft-type rewinding and unwinding system: During operation, there is no need to use other accessories to fix the printing medium, and the pressure of the air is used to automatically adjust. The force is evenly distributed and the paper feeding is smoother.
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