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What are the Process Characteristics of Digital Printing?

03/07 2022

The digital printing technology is to print the pattern on the transfer paper, and then cooperate with the high temperature of the transfer machine to print the pattern on the transfer paper onto the fabric. The thermal transfer printing machine mainly prints some polyester, chemical fiber materials, etc. With the progress of the times and technological innovation, digital printing machines have risen in the industry with advanced digital printing technology and have become the choice of more and more printing people. Especially in the economically developed areas, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., the proportion of digital printing machines continues to increase, and has achieved rapid development in recent years. More traditional enterprises have begun to accelerate the transformation to digital printing. So compared with traditional printing methods, what are the technological characteristics of digital printing?


1. No need to mix pulp, reducing environmental protection costs

In the traditional printing process, waste color paste is produced more or less for each set of colors printed. These waste color pastes are difficult to reuse, which not only wastes dyes and auxiliaries, but also increases the cost of sewage treatment. Digital printing does not need to prepare color paste, which not only saves the space, facilities, dyes and auxiliaries required to prepare color paste, but also uses the same ink no matter what pattern is printed, except that a small amount of waste ink is generated when cleaning the nozzle. , no other waste is generated, and the waste of dyes and auxiliaries is very small.

2. No need for plate making, reducing intermediate links

Digital printing does not need to make a pattern (net), saves the purchase of related equipment and materials, and the site for making a pattern (net), saving costs. The cost of at least several thousand yuan is at least a few thousand yuan to make a pair of flower plates (nets) by traditional printing. It takes up a lot of space for the storage of the prepared designs (nets). Moreover, if the mass production is not carried out after proofing, it will cause waste of pattern (net) making. In addition, color separation and sketching should be carried out before making the pattern (net), and the color separation and sketching of the complex pattern takes a long time. Digital printing does not require sketching or making a pattern (net), which saves time and cost. Create conditions for fast delivery.

3. There are no restrictions on the version, which makes the expression of the design concept more powerful

In traditional printing, whether it is a flat screen or a rotary screen, due to the limitation of the screen width and the diameter of the rotary screen, there are restrictions on the size of the printed pattern. Digital printing breaks through the color registration limitations of traditional printing, and can flexibly create color combinations, quickly change colors, and easily complete color gradients, moiré and realistic color performance. The digital printing pattern is not affected by the number of colors and the registration error of the screen, and the pattern is vivid in color and rich in layers.

4. It can meet the needs of small batches and fast response


Traditional printing requires a series of complex processes such as pattern making (screen), color paste, and on-machine printing, so it often requires a minimum printing volume. In the case of uncertain market sales, it is difficult for manufacturers to develop new patterns in large quantities. One of the biggest advantages of digital printing is that it can meet the production requirements of any small batch of customers, and then meet the sales needs of customers to develop new patterns and zero inventory backlog. In addition, the delivery period of traditional printing is very long. If you encounter products with complex patterns and color-sensitive products, the delivery period can reach 1 to 2 months. However, the delivery time of small batches of digital printing is mostly only 2 to 3 days or less, and the urgent proofing can be completed on the same day.


5. The product is not easy to be counterfeited

The pattern and color of digital printing need to be processed by digital technology, and the color matching and printing conversion are carried out through computer software, so that the color of digital printing products can theoretically reach 16.7 million, which completely breaks through the color limitation of traditional textile printing. Especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradients and moiré, digital printing has more technical advantages. Moreover, the printed products are not easy to be copied and counterfeited when they are sold in the market, which can fundamentally protect the intellectual property and economic intere

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