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Simple and Easy to Use Digital Printing Equipment-Fedar FD5328E

04/21 2022

The traditional printing technology has complicated processes, and the techniques and proficiency of the paint paste and ink scraping are relatively particular during operation. The quality of the paste and the priority of the techniques will affect the final effect of the finished product. Digital printing is different. It does not require plate making and pulp mixing, and the whole process is controlled by computer, which is easy and convenient to print and print. Today, Xiaobian recommends a simple and easy-to-use digital printing equipment-Fedar FD5328E.

Fedar FD5328E is a thermal transfer digital printing equipment. Its working principle is to print the pattern in the computer on the thermal transfer paper by means of digital inkjet printing, and then transfer it to the thermal transfer paper by thermal transfer. corresponding product above. Since it does not need to draw or make a pattern (net), the delivery speed is very fast, there is no need to worry about the backlog of inventory, there is no limit on the order quantity, and 1 piece can also be printed, which is suitable for small batch personalized custom production at the same time, It can also meet the needs of large-scale high-quality production orders in large printing factories.

5328 800.png

1. High-yield printing to meet the different needs of users

Productivity has always been the top concern of industry users. Fedar FD5328E is equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1 nozzles, and a single nozzle has 3200 nozzles. In the same working area, the printing accuracy is high and the printing speed is fast. It can print 420㎡/h in 1 hour, bringing users a high-speed output experience.

2. High-quality printing, accurately presenting the beauty of color

Whether it is personalized customization or mass production, output quality has always been a key link affecting customer satisfaction. As a senior digital printing equipment manufacturer, Fedar’s digital printing equipment is equipped with Epson’s I3200-A1 print head, and its unique VSDT (variable ink droplet technology) can freely control the size of the ink droplets to be sprayed. , thereby reducing the graininess of the picture, showing more picture details, smooth color transition, and high saturation, so as to achieve high-quality print output.

3. Highly user-friendly design:

Fedar FD5328E is equipped with an adjustable drying system, which adjusts the power of the dryer according to the actual demand, and reduces the power consumption to a minimum while ensuring the drying effect.


Fedar FD5328E uses a fully enclosed ink stack, which is more tightly sealed, long-lasting moisturizing, self-cleaning, and makes printing cleaner and simpler.

Fedar FD5328E is equipped with a small anti-collision frame. Users can adjust the height of the nozzle according to different printing consumables. Anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the nozzle.

Fedar FD5328E is equipped with an inflatable shaft type rewinding and unwinding system, which supports 40 grams of paper and 1500 meters of whole rewinding and unwinding, and supports a maximum roll diameter of 400mm. characteristics of short time. The unique rocking lever in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the paper is flat and tight to avoid unwinding.

Fedar FD5328E adopts the second-level floating ink supply method, and has the function of automatic alarm for the detection of the liquid level of the main ink cartridge.

In addition, compared to the traditional pattern of printed fabrics that follow the repetitive combination of units, the Fedar FD5328E digital printing machine breaks through the limitation of the cyclic arrangement of unit patterns, and the size of the repetitive units can also be freely determined, which can ignore the fabric within a certain range Concept of borders. This freedom of design enables designers to give full play to their innovative ability, be more creative in the expression of pattern composition, and bring new creative breakthrough points to designers in fabric application. In particular, the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and piece printing have opened up the diversity of fabric composition methods.

The ever-changing digital printing technology is constantly being upgraded, upgraded, and upgraded, and the related equipment configurations are also constantly being upgraded. There are more and more digital printing equipment manufacturers on the market. When choosing digital printing machine equipment, you must Keep your eyes open and choose a reliable source manufacturer of digital printing equipment. Fedar Textile Printing has developed a variety of models for different industries. Now there are digital printing machines with different widths such as 1.9 meters, 2.2 meters, 2.6 meters, 3.2 meters, and 4.2 meters to meet the diverse printing needs of customers.

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