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Market Mainstream Classic Model Fd6198E, Stable Performance, Cost-Effective Choice

03/22 2022

Since the digital printing industry has entered the peak season, the editor has received many messages from customers saying that they want to buy a digital printing machine. Today, the editor will recommend a digital printing machine that is the most popular in the market in 2022 – the mainstream classic model FD6198E produced by Fedar Textile Printing.

Fedar Textile Printing, as a well-known senior digital printing equipment manufacturer in China, has developed a variety of digital printing equipment for different industries, one of which is an 8-head digital printing machine FD6198E. Durable and cost-effective” five major advantages, it has become the mainstream classic model in the market.

FD6198E is a cost-effective digital printing equipment launched by Fedar Textile Printing. It has a wide customer base and mature market experience. Once the equipment was launched, it was widely recognized by the industry and became a classic model in the digital printing industry. .


FD6198E is equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1 nozzles, which have absolute advantages in printing accuracy and printing speed. Coupled with its high-end configuration, excellent performance, and stable printing, it is a reasonable and cost-effective choice.

FD6198E Advantages and Features

Anti-collision trolley: The height of the nozzle can be adjusted freely according to different printing consumables, which is widely used and easy to adjust; anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the nozzle.

Inflatable shaft type winding and unwinding system: When working, there is no need to use other accessories to fix the printing medium, and the pressure of the air is used to automatically adjust. Make the force even and make the paper run more smoothly. The rewinding and unwinding system supports 40 grams of paper and 1500 meters of whole rewinding and unwinding, and supports a maximum roll diameter of 400mm. The unique rocking lever in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the paper is flat and tight to avoid unwinding.


Advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device: Provides safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient.

The fluororubber platen roller imported from the United States: prevent static electricity from flying ink, and the printing size is more accurate; the unique lifting device of the platen roller can deal with the phenomenon of partial paper bulging during the printing process at any time.

Japan THK silent linear guide: stable movement, longer life, high-speed movement can effectively reduce the resistance and noise of the ink car running.

FD6198E application field

As an alternative to traditional printing, digital printing has been widely used in the printing of clothing, home textiles and other fabrics.

FedarFD6198E digital printing machine has won the favor and recommendation of thousands of users with its excellent printing quality and good market reputation. It is a mainstream classic model in the market.

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