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How to Maintain The Digital Printing Machine in Summer?

04/19 2022

Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Has your digital printing machine been properly maintained? The production environment of the digital printing machine requires a dry and dust-free environment. If it is in a humid environment for a long time, some parts inside the digital printing machine will be corroded by moisture, which is easy to A short circuit occurs. In summer, not only high temperature but also thunderstorms are often accompanied, and digital printing equipment is prone to failure at this time. Therefore, under the double folding of high temperature and humidity, it is necessary to do a good job of “heatstroke prevention” for the equipment. At the same time, dehumidification and maintenance work should also be done for the digital printing machine. Today, the editor will share with you some summer maintenance tips for digital printing machines.


Digital printing machine summer maintenance tips:

  • The indoor temperature of Feidi digital printing machine operation is between 18-30 degrees. In the environment of high temperature of 35 degrees, it is necessary to cool down by fans or air conditioners.

  • Pay attention to daily dustproof treatment to ensure that the production environment is clean and tidy. If the air is filled with a large amount of particulate matter or dust during the production process, it will directly affect the printing quality of the device.

  • Drying is not necessarily high temperature, but high temperature generally causes drying, so during the high temperature in summer, we must pay attention to anti-static and anti-dry ink. At this time, you can often sprinkle some water on the ground to help prevent the indoor air from being too dry, and at the same time prevent static electricity for the ground wire of the printing machine.

  • When it is rainy in summer, the wet weather will affect the normal use of the digital printing machine. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier to dehumidify. At the same time, the main body of the digital printing machine should be well covered to avoid damp air from invading related circuit boards and components.

  • In a high temperature environment, do not connect too many devices to one socket, digital printing machines and computers can be specially equipped with a socket. Other electrical appliances such as chargers, fans, air conditioners, etc. need to be equipped with an additional socket, and do not use a socket with the digital printing machine.

  • In order to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the digital printing machine in summer, it is necessary to strictly control the indoor temperature and humidity. Temperature and humidity cannot be determined according to your own feelings, so in order to obtain accurate data, it is best to place a thermometer and a hygrometer indoors for easy viewing and timely adjustment.

  • The southern summer is not only hot, but also rainy. If the humidity is too high, it will affect the drying speed of the picture. In order to avoid the printing ink sticking together when the roll is not dry, it is recommended to equip the processing workshop of the digital printing machine with an exhaust fan if possible, and install an air conditioner to start dehumidification. Mode is also possible, but the effect is more general. If the humidity is serious, it is recommended to install a dehumidifier.

Digital printing machine is a kind of printing equipment that is afraid of moisture. Therefore, taking the above protective measures in humid air can prevent the digital printing machine from being damaged by moisture, thereby improving production efficiency. Not only that, scientific maintenance and maintenance can also protect the nozzles and other components of the digital printing machine, so as to prolong the life of your digital printing machine, improve the printing quality and reduce the production cost.

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