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Fedar–To Protect Digital Textile Printers in Such A Cold Day

01/13 2022
If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. The weather is getting colder and the digital printing machine will encounter some puzzling small problems when using it. The specific situation is different, but most of the reasons are caused by the cold and dry climate in winter. How to maintain the normal printing state of the digital printing machine, the following editor summarizes some precautions, I hope to help you!
Pay attention to the temperature and humidity values in the operating room
After the temperature is lowered, the most common phenomenon is the “false blockage” of the nozzle, that is, the “disconnection” of individual nozzles. Because of the same ink, when the temperature decreases, the viscosity will increase, and if the viscosity is too large, “broken lines” are prone to occur during high-speed printing.
In winter, when the temperature is low, whether it is heating or air conditioning, the relative humidity will drop, resulting in dry air. Drying can cause the ink to easily condense on the printhead, creating the illusion of “clogging the printhead”.
In addition, the dry environment is more likely to cause the printing material to warp. If you are not careful, the phenomenon of rubbing the nozzle will occur, and in severe cases, the nozzle and the motor will be damaged.
Therefore, special attention must be paid to the temperature and humidity values in the operating room. The temperature range suitable for the printing machine is 18℃-30℃, and the humidity value is between 35%-65%. At the same time, in the winter environment, do not place the digital printing machine in an outdoor environment. If the temperature in the operating room of the digital printing machine is low, air conditioners can be used to increase the temperature and humidify.
Do a good job of dust proof
Do not put the digital printing machine together with the machine that is prone to smoke and dust, and it is easy to block the nozzle. If dust and small debris enter the nozzle, it is easy to break the printed image.
Therefore, when you use digital printing machines in winter, you must do a good job of dust proofing. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning the nozzle regularly to prevent the equipment from being used for a long time, which will cause dust accumulation and block the nozzle hole.
Be aware of electrostatic effects
Static electricity is the number one culprit in the burning of electronic products, because integrated circuits are most afraid of static electricity. Static electricity in winter is particularly easy to burn out circuit boards and print heads of digital printing machines.
Static electricity will also lead to the decline of printing quality. Most of the printing media are “insulated”. If the digital printing equipment does not have good anti-static measures, or there is no grounding wire, the ejected ink droplets will deviate from the direction due to static electricity, causing “” The phenomenon of “flying ink” or “splashing ink” will seriously degrade the print quality.
Dust, including fibers on the printing material, is also more likely to adhere to the surface of the material, and further adhere to the surface of the print head under the action of static electricity, causing printing quality problems.
Therefore, when you use digital printing machines in winter, you should pay attention to preventing excessive static electricity.
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