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Amazing! A Mini Printer Contains Large Power, Go FD70-2 DTF

12/01 2021

texitle printer /tshirt printer /sublimation printer

As you all know, the printing industry is ever-changing, with a hundred flowers blooming, each with its own characteristics and selling points. This has brought vigorous and upward development to our entire industry, leading everyone to make progress together. Among them, I think the most impressive thing is the Fedar FD70-2 DTF printer, whose small body has created gorgeous patterns.

texitle printer /tshirt printer /sublimation printer

What this digital inkjet textile printer looks like inside
Adopt import THK guide rail, making lower noise and higher resolution
Leadshire brushless integrated motor brings higher resolution, linear decoding and runs more smoothly
Anti-collision carriage protects printhead
High moisture and adjustable capping station avoids printhead clogging
1.5L auto supply ink tank
Import Fluororubber pinch roller
The design freedom of Fedar FD70-2 DTF Pet Film Printer enables designers to give full play to their creative ability and be more creative in pattern composition, especially the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and piece printing, which opens up the diversity of fabric composition methods.

texitle printer /tshirt printer /sublimation printer

Zhengzhou Century Printer itself to research technology and integrates advanced and practical technology into products. So far, the company has independently developed a series of SkyColor, StromJet and Fedar textile printing products, such as wide format printers, digital textile sublimation printers, UV flatbed printers, universal plate printers, banner machine, laminator, paper cutting machine and other mature products, which are well-known in the national photo machine industry. The products are exported to Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and in many countries and regions around the world to establish a distribution network and service system.
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